This is the first in our series of joint podcasts with theGIST, a student science magazine, blog, podcast and YouTube channel run by students from the Universities of Glasgow and Strathclyde . In this episode, we interviewed Prof. Ted Leighton, the former director of the Canadian Wildlife Health Cooperative, after he gave a talk to the Institute in February. Miss it? Don’t worry, tune in to hear Prof. Leighton discuss a range of subjects, from his work with the CWHC to his experiences helping develop wildlife disease monitoring capacity in Sri Lanka.


The gray jay (Perisoreus canadensis), the chosen logo of the CWHC. Dan Strickland at the English language Wikipedia [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons.

Posted by The Naturally Speaking Editors

A science pod-yssey and regular blog-yssey from the Institute of Biodiversity, Animal Health & Comparative Medicine at the University of Glasgow


  1. […] This is not the first time we have collaborated with theGIST: why not listen to our joint podcast on wildlife disease surveillance? […]



  2. […] how collaborative networks such as those in Canada and Sri Lanka are being used to improve wildlife disease monitoring; and found out how communities in Tanzania are working together to fight rabies, a fully […]



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