Meet the team

Taya Forde ~ Taya is a Research Fellow contributing to the development of surveillance and laboratory capacity in Tanzania to understand the diversity and transmission dynamics of Bacillus anthracis, the causative agent of anthrax, at the livestock-human-wildlife interface. Taya has been the leading light for the Naturally Speaking from 2018 onwards.

Eleni Christoforou ~ Eleni is a PhD student investigating the impact anthropocentric pollution on the ecosystem services provided by marine bivalves. She graduated from the University of California, Santa Cruz, USA with a BSc in Marine Biology and BA in Art. She has a passion for both subjects and examples of her art can be seen on the Naturally Speaking podcasts banners and on her personal website

Martina Quaggiotto ~ Martina is a carrion ecologist with the passion of science outreach and public engagement. Her research focuses on the ecological processes occurring around marine animal carcasses and the benefits that they provide to our environment, its living organisms and eventually us, humans. She truly believes that science outreach should be more and more integrated in academia, not only because it is our responsibility making science accessible to everyone (today more than ever!)

Pat Monaghan ~ Pat is Regius Professor of Zoology, based in the Institute Graham Kerr Building. She has broad research interests, with a current focus on how early life conditions have long term consequences for animal life histories.  Her work is multidisciplinary, and spans population to molecular effects. She is also very interested in conservation biology and in promoting women in science.

M. Kundegorski (Miks) ~ Miks is studying mathematical modelling of collective behaviour of animals. He is also an IT consultant, working for his company Fjelltopp to help developing countries with epidemiological surveillance.

Lucy Gilbert ~ Lucy has a chequered past in avian behavioural ecology, evolutionary genetics, and seabird & sea mammal ecology. She now focusses on multi-trophic and multi-ecosystem interactions, especially the highly ecologically complex tick and tick-borne disease systems, addressing questions about host community drivers of disease risk, the impacts of climate change, woodland expansion and wildlife management.

Ana Costa ~ Ana is a Post-doctoral Assistant Researcher. Her research focuses on morphology and genetics of marine mammals. She is also working on a project that investigates the effects of climate change on freshwater sticklebacks.

Keila Meginnis ~ Keila holds a PhD in Economics and came to Glasgow to work as part of the Lamberton Lab. She is currently researching community willingness to pay and work for policy interventions in rural Uganda. Her research interests are environmental, marine, health and behavioural economics.

Katherine Needham ~ Katherine is a Research Fellow in the Institute. She is interested in the application of economic techniques to conservation and environmental management. Current research focusses on the application of biodiversity offset markets to wetland areas, including how best these markets can be designed and which are the most suitable ecological indicators for use in trading.

Ruben Riosa ~ Ruben is an Early Stage Researcher of the European Joint Doctorate in Molecular Animal Nutrition (MANNA), working between the University of Bonn (Germany) and the University of Glasgow. He is investigating the effects of increased intakes of the amino acid methionine (Met) during the first weeks of lactation and during early pregnancy in dairy cows. He is also the Scientific copywriter of the MANNA, meaning that he coordinates part of the dissemination of the project.

Elle Lindsay ~ Elle is PhD student within the institute: she is studying Atlantic salmon with an interest in physiology, welfare and behaviour. Elle is also passionate about science communication and writing!

Many thanks to past contributors to Naturally Speaking ~

Original founders: Zara Gladman, Shaun Killen, James Buckley, James Grecian and Sjúrður Hammer, with thanks to the Institute of Biodiversity and Animal health for providing the initial funding.

Previous team members: James Burgon, Laurie Baker, Jim Caryl, Karen Hotopp, Stephen Larcombe, Lizzy Mittel, Jacqueline Jacot, Lydia Bach, Ellen Hughes and Kirsty McWhinney.