Episode 66: The secret life of the Zoology Museum

This podcast celebrates the past, present and future of the Hunterian Zoology Museum located in the Graham Kerr Building at the University of Glasgow. And who better than our Museum’s specialist curator to reveal the life and times of this majestic place? In this Naturally Speaking episode, Maggie Reilly tells Naturally Speaking editor Martina Quaggiotto all about the history of our Zoology Museum – from its creation in 1923 by architect John Burnet supervised by Professor Sir Graham Kerr, to its current role in providing an invaluable resource for both teaching and research at the University of Glasgow.

The collection, which started with William Hunter’s personal specimens, now comprises around 600,000 specimens. It is a great showcase for the animal world – including existing and extinct species – and highlights its diversity.

If you are interested in any aspects of the museum’s history, its architecture and various curious anecdotes of our Zoology Museum (did you know that Stephen Jay Gould came to visit it himself?) or more generally how museum specimens are collected, stored and what biological information they can provide, please listen to this Naturally Speaking podcast!

The Zoology Museum contributing to social life at IBAHCM. Photo: Shaun Killen, 2018

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This podcast was recorded, edited and produced by Naturally Speaking contributors Martina Quaggiotto and Taya Forde.

Feature image courtesy of M. Quaggiotto, 2018.

Intro and outro music sampled from: “The Curtain Rises” and “Early RiserKevin MacLeod [CC BY 3.0]

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