Naturally beautiful: PhotoSCENE 2016 winners gallery

During the course of research at the Institute, our staff and students are often rewarded with truly stunning views of the natural world. So it’s perhaps no surprise that a common hobby among our researchers is amateur photography!

Together with the Glasgow Natural History Society (GNHS), the Institute runs an annual PhotoSCENE competition to find the best images snapped from the members of both groups. This competition promotes an interest in natural history, showcases the work of the Institute and celebrates the close association we have with GNHS.

On Tuesday 9th February, after a display of GNHS members’ own digital presentations, the results of the 5th annual PhotoSCENE competition were announced. From an impressive 65 entries from 17 people, eight  prizes of £100 were awarded to the best images, based on photographic, artistic and biological interest. You can see these winning entries showcased below. (Tell us which one is your favourite!)

We hope this will inspire members of the Institute to get snapping, so next year’s competition can continue the trend of getting bigger, better and more beautiful.

PhotoSCENE 2016 winners


Special thanks to David Palmar (GNHS), who not only takes a leading role in the competition’s organisation, but also provided material for this post.

Images are the copyright of their owners; all rights reserved. Please do not reproduce without permission.

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