Stress is cool: The Movie

Stress is cool: The Movie

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 11.33.40

Stress is cool! Earlier this year we brought you a blog post by Dr Ruedi Nager on how to measure animal stress remotely using thermal imaging, and long listening Naturally Speakers may remember our 2012 podcast with Dr Dominic McCafferty. However, our friends at theGIST thought this distinctly visual research deserved a more visual medium of communication—video.

The IBAHCM Thermal Imaging Group have been working for years to develop a non-invasive way of measuring animal stress using thermal images—rather than taking blood samples or sticking thermometers in unpleasant places. We are delighted that theGIST thought this was the perfect topic for their first ever documentary.

So why not take a break from all the science and cat videos, and spend 8:35 min learning why “Stress is Cool”.

(Our thanks to theGIST for producing a first-rate video, and congratulations to our three stars: Dr Ruedi Nager, PhD student Paul Jerem, and Dr Dominic McCafferty.)

This is not the first time we have collaborated with theGIST: why not listen to our joint podcast on wildlife disease surveillance?

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