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The wider conversation

The wider conversation Naturally Speaking is a popular route for science communication in the Institute, but it is far from our only one. Across the Institute, staff and students work with various media outlets and platforms to bring their fascinating research to the wider public. This week we have decided to let our researchers off the hook; instead we’ve taken […]

Episode 14 – Linking science and policy

FEATURED: Our most visited post of 2014 – in this episode we chat to colleagues across the Institute about how they’ve successfully communicated science into policy.

Episode 10 – Understanding Infectious Disease

Hello and welcome to our 10th podcast! In this episode we talk with Jo Halliday and Sunny Townsend about their research into epidemiology, the study of patterns, causes and effects of disease. Jo talks us through her work on the transmission of disease between people and livestock in Tanzania, and her recent paper in Philospohical Transactions of the Royal Society […]