COVID-19 Q & A

Welcome to a new Naturally Speaking blog series on COVID-19! This collective effort by the Institute of Biodiversity, Animal Health & Comparative Medicine was prompted by requests that some of our members have been receiving from the wider community: to answer questions about the virus that is currently affecting everyone, but about which we still know so little. The information available can be confusing and contradictory. So with this blog series, we aim to bring you a synthesis of the best available information (compiled and reviewed by members of our Institute), Q & A style.

Post 1 – Transmission and Prevention

Post 2 – Testing and Treatment

Post 3 – The Virus and Severity of Infection

Post 4 – The Exit Strategy

Useful Resources

Here are some additional resources we would recommend:

  • The World Health Organisation (WHO) provides updates and information directly through WhatsApp messages
  • The Coronavirus Dashboard provides links to several global resource centres of verified information
  • UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) has a very reader-friendly website that explains many aspects of COVID-19

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