Episode 6 – Research Round Table: Foraging Gannets, Stickleback Growth, and Self-Fertilization

In this Research Round Table episode we discuss three recent research papers from within the institute: a paper by James Grecian and colleagues examining sex-based differences in foraging behaviour in gannets; a study by Who-Seung Lee, Pat Monaghan, and Neil Metcalfe studying the costs of rapid growth in sticklebacks; and a paper by Annabelle Haudry, Barbara Mable and colleagues investigating the consequences of self-fertilization for genetic diversity in plants.

Episode 6 – Research Roundtable: Gannet Foraging, Stickleback Growth, and Self-Fertilization

You lookin' at me?
© Shaun Killen

Papers Discussed:

Stauss C, Bearhop S, Bodey TW, Garthe S, Gunn C, Grecian WJ, Inger R, Knight ME, Newton J, Patrick SC, Phillips RA, Waggit JJ, and Votier SC (2012) Sex-specific foraging behaviour in northern gannets Morus bassanus: incidence and implications. Mar Ecol Prog Ser 457:151-162

Lee, W-S, Monaghan P, and Metcalfe NB (2012) The pattern of early growth trajectories affects adult breeding performance. Ecology 93:902–912

Haudry A., Zha HG, Stift M, and Mable BK (2012), Disentangling the effects of breakdown of self-incompatibility and transition to selfing in North American Arabidopsis lyrata. Molecular Ecology, 21: 1130–1142

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