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Episode 32 – Nature’s Greatest Masterpiece

Humans have a complex relationship and checkered history with elephants. Once the revered subjects of myths and legends, elephants have increasingly become the objects of economic greed and the victims of habitat loss. Episode 32 – Nature’s Greatest Masterpiece-An interview with Phyllis Lee   In this episode of Naturally Speaking Shorts, Laurie Baker (@llbaker1707) is joined by elephant researcher, Prof. Phyllis Lee, Director of […]

Episode 31 – At the Helm of chronobiology

At the Helm of chronobiology Why do we wake up early on our days off? Or notice it is almost lunchtime after our stomachs emit a rumble of hunger? Like all living organisms we have clocks inside us—internal timing mechanisms that guide everything from fine scale molecular processes to seasonal migrations. The study of these biological clocks is called chronobiology, […]

Episode 30 – Earth, Wind, Water, Fire. . . and Competition?

Earth, Wind, Water, Fire. . . and Competition? Understanding tree community dynamics across the savanna landscape. Have you ever wondered why trees grow in some areas but not in others? In the African savanna landscape, this pattern may be explained with a little help from the natural elements and ecological relationships. Professor Ricardo Holdo of the University of Missouri seeks to understand […]

Episode 27 – Adventures in Statistics: An Interview with Paul Johnson

In this Episode, statistician and population geneticist Paul Johnson (@PaulCDJo) of the University of Glasgow tells Shaun Killen (@shaunkillen) about his unusual career route into academics, how he fell in love with stats, and what he wishes more biologists would understand about statistical analyses. Paul has rare gift for clearly explaining complex concepts so it’s well worth a listen! Episode […]

Episode 24 – Ian Ramsey vs. canine Cushing’s disease

In our College of Medical, Veterinary & Life Sciences we have a brilliant and diverse group of veterinary researchers who split their time between dealing with disease and duelling with data. Among them is Ian Ramsey, Professor of Small Animal Medicine at the School of Veterinary Medicine and Associate Academic of the Institute. Primarily a vet, Ian’s research has made him one of the […]

Episode 21 – Diving into the past: understanding the diving behaviour of tropical seals across time

Jana Jeglinski (University of Glasgow) and Markus Horning (Oregon State University) both studied the diving behaviour of Galapagos fur seals (Arctocephalus galapagoensis) during PhDs conducted twenty years apart. Although the technology changed in the intervening years, baseline data recording how long and how deep these seals’ dive provide a unique opportunity to compare their diving behaviour across time. Galapagos fur […]

Episode 20 – Where the land runs forever: Fifty years studying the Serengeti ecosystem

Known for its vastness and incredible wildebeest migration, the Serengeti ecosystem in East Africa continues to captivate both tourists and scientists alike. Professor Tony Sinclair of the University of British Columbia joins Laurie Baker to talk about how his interest in biology at a young age sparked a lifetime studying the history and biology of one of the world’s most highly […]