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Outfoxing Rabies, One Vaccine-Loaded Chicken Head at a Time

To mark the 10th World Rabies Day, Naturally Speaking’s Laurie Baker shares how she and her collaborators are using lessons from fox rabies elimination in Western Europe to outfox rabies

Episode 43: Living with anthrax in Africa

What is life like in an anthrax-endemic area of Tanzania? Join our anthrax research team on a journey to Maasai communities of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

Episode 38: Sparking ideas—the creative minds building bioelectronics for biologists

“Technology provides the tools and biology the problems”              – Stanley Fields   Episode 38: Sparking ideas-the creative minds building bioelectronics for biologists   Scientific advances depend not only on novel ideas and conceptual leaps, but also to a large extent on technological advances. Most scientists use some form of technology in their daily research, […]

Episode 36: What’s in it for the bird? Extra-pair mating and inbreeding in Song Sparrows

Bird researcher, Prof. Jane Reid, never set out to become an academic, in fact, she tried her very best not to. Having developed an interest in birds from a young age, her great ambition was to work for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB). But, she figured to work there she would probably need a PhD. Yet, […]

Episode 35: Masters of Science—Mastering Research

Welcome to the third and final episode in our special three-part series of podcasts: “MASTERS OF SCIENCE (and Research)”. Here, Naturally Speaking’s James Burgon (@JamesBurgon) and Karen Hotopp (@KarenHotopp) are taking on the Institute’s three Masters courses one by one: MSc. in Quantitative Methods in Biodiversity, Conservation and Epidemiology MSc. Animal Welfare Science, Ethics & Law MRes. Ecology & Environmental Biology What […]

Episode 31 – At the Helm of chronobiology

At the Helm of chronobiology Why do we wake up early on our days off? Or notice it is almost lunchtime after our stomachs emit a rumble of hunger? Like all living organisms we have clocks inside us—internal timing mechanisms that guide everything from fine scale molecular processes to seasonal migrations. The study of these biological clocks is called chronobiology, […]

Episode 28 – At war with worms: an interview with nematode parasitologist Collette Britton

Globally around one billion people are infected by parasitic nematodes, and their impact on livestock can be devastating. For millennia, parasites and hosts have been locked in an evolutionary war, an arms race with ever changing goal posts. However, scientists are using modern technology to bring new weapons to the fore. Here, Naturally Speaker James Burgon talks to Dr Collette […]